Destination Pays de Nay

New inhabitants, old inhabitants, future holidaymakers, discover the Pays de Nay, a territory of 29 communes where it is good to live and enjoy the Pyrenees Break! Ideally situated between Pau and Lourdes, between the Ossau Valley and the Gavarnie Valleys, it is centrally located to (re)discover the Pyrenees.

Taking the time. More than a concept, a new conception of life and holidays. Taking the time to share, to enjoy the moment, to look around, to find yourself or even to do nothing... Today, when everything is accelerating, taking time is a luxury, a necessity, a need. At some point, we all want to press a pause button to finally stop time, catch our breath, disconnect. The Pays de Nay is exactly that pause button that everyone dreams of, in the heart of a preserved territory, an inspiring nature, a break from time. Here, the word slow down takes on its full meaning: we slow down time, we slow down our rhythm. A true destination with a discourse that is in tune with the times, a discourse that makes sense. Because today more than ever, Slow is In.
During a break, we take the time to experience activities 100%. We take the time to rediscover a preserved nature. We take the time to enjoy our loved ones. We take the time to take our time.