The Pays de Nay, a Southwestern identity

When you think of the South West, you think of sunshine, férias, the Basque Country, tapas and a singing accent, but the culture and identity of the South West covers much more than that. From heritage to know-how, from gastronomy to traditional sports, welcome to the Pays de Nay, welcome to the South West.

Gastronomy to make your taste buds travel

France is known as the country of gastronomy. Each region has its own specialities and the discovery of a destination inevitably involves the discovery of local dishes and foods.

The South-West cultivates the art of eating well and here in Béarn you can find a whole host of local products to compose a complete menu: cured meats, charcuterie, meat and poultry, wines and cheeses, seasonal vegetables, enough to cook and enjoy. To do this, head for the local markets or farms to buy directly from the producers, and it is also an opportunity to pick up some precious advice and suggestions for cooking these dishes in the best possible way.  

For those who don't want to get behind the stove but still enjoy regional cuisine, head for the tables of our restaurants where garbures, poules au pot, confits and other cooked dishes will delight your taste buds.

Known and recognised expertise

It is one of the popular symbols of French culture and is commonly referred to as the Basque beret. Contrary to popular belief, this headgear originated in Béarn. It was made in Nay and today, in the place of an old factory, there is the only museum dedicated to the beret in the world.

From head to toe, there is only one step!

Just a stone's throw from the beret museum, the Soulor 1925 workshop invites you to discover their expertise in making city and mountain shoes. Here, the shoes are made from mainly French raw materials in order to reduce the social and environmental impact of production. The workshop's manufacturing techniques and know-how have enabled them to obtain the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.

Another recognised "Living Heritage Company" know-how, also linked to our Pyrenean mountains: the manufacture of bells. But what is that? The bell is the name of the "bells" found around the neck of the herds and whose tinkling can be appreciated during the summer, when the herds are in "estives". It is a rare know-how that can be discovered in the Daban workshop located in Bourdettes. Each model is hand-made, making each bell unique.

The Pays de Nay and its neighbouring areas were once famous for other skills. Nay was an important working-class town with textile production factories (beret, linen, sheets, Pyrenean wool, etc.) and cabinet-making factories. To discover this know-how, go to the industrial museum of the Maison Carrée in Nay.

In short, the Pays de Nay is an experience to be lived: you too can live the Instant, feel the Pyrenees Break!

So discover our accommodation and book your next holiday now.

Adishatz !