Commitments Quality Tourism

The 3 objectives of the Pays de Nay tourist information centre are as follows:

  • Improving internal communication
  • Improving services provided to visitors
  • Improving communication with socio-professional partners, institutions, the area’s members of parliament and the local population.

The Tourist office aims to :

  • welcome and  inform the public
  • enhance and promote the Pays de Nay with its 26 villages
  • set up actions for  local tourist development.

Our commitment

The tourist office, classified in category II within the network of the National Federation of the Tourist offices of France, makes a commitment to the following:

  • Provide you with a welcome area and an area of easily accessible information
  • Facilitate your initiatives
  • To offer you  the furniture to sit down
  • To inform you free of charge about the local tourist offers
  • Post and disseminate its periods of opening expressed in at least two foreign language
  • Be opened at least 240 days a year including Saturdays and Sundays in the tourist period and when there are animations
  • Answer your mail all year round
  • Assure a service of permanent reception manned by the staff practising at least two foreign language
  • Assure the supply of walking maps, plans and guides
  • To give you access to its trilingual web site
  • Display the emergency telephone numbers outside
  • Handle your complaints and measure your satisfaction
  • Give adive
  • Spread its tourist information in paper format translated into at least one foreign language:
    • For all the tourist classified accommodation containing the name of the establishment, the mail address and   phone number, the e-mail, the address of the web site, the telephone number, the level of the classification
    • For monuments and cultural or natural places of interest, or of leisure activities which  contain the indication of the price, periods and opening hours to the public,  the web site and the telephone and mail number
    • Provide hot lines
  • Update annually its tourist information
  • Guarantee the reliability and the current nature of the information about the local tourist offers
  • Update the data on the tourist offers in its geographical zone of intervention

The Tourist office in figures:

  • A Board of directors composed of 42 members (Elected and socio-professional)
  • 1 place of welcome to Nay opened all year long and 1 to Lestelle-Bétharram opened to mi-june-end August
  • 4 permanent employees, 1 seasonal workers, trainees
  • 320 opening days