The Pays de Nay, from exploration to discovery

When it's time to go on holiday, we are looking above all for rest, for moments of sharing with the family and also to get away from our daily lives by enjoying unusual visits and activities.

Unforgettable experiences

A trip around the world is an experience you can have at Asson Zoo! The park invites you to travel across the 5 continents to meet animals, each more fascinating than the last. The lost temple, the world of acrobats, tropical birds, the land of Africa, Outback, wild Australia... there are many themed areas for total immersion.

Here, many animal species are now protected throughout the world and one of the park's priority actions, which is close to the hearts of those who work there, is animal welfare and raising public awareness of the protection of the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

A journey to the centre of the earth, or almost.

Like explorers in search of new discoveries, go to the border of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the Hautes-Pyrénées to the Bétharram Caves. Discovered in 1819, the caves are now safely equipped to welcome visitors, many of whom come to see them every year.

The visit of the 5 underground levels of the caves will not fail to amaze young and old alike with the lighting of concretions sometimes resembling an elephant and sometimes a silhouette. Your guide will be sure to get your imagination going throughout the visit. After walking down the 5 floors, you will discover the underground river in a boat before taking a seat in the little train that will take you back to the surface of the earth.

Heritage and local history

Béarnaise buildings with pebbled walls, "bastide" villages founded in the 13th and 14th centuries, churches and sanctuaries make the heritage of the Pays de Nay very different from that of its neighbours in Bigorre and the Basque Country. 

To find out more about the local architecture and the history of these communes, take a walk through the villages where interpretation panels are set up, allowing you to combine an easy walk with a visit. Do you like more unusual and immersive discoveries? Then download the "Patrimoine en Balade" application and head for Lestelle-Bétharram, Arthez d'Asson or Ferrières. This free device allows you to enrich your tour with audio commentaries from the inhabitants of the village; you can discover the memories and anecdotes of the inhabitants, who have so much to share with you.

Discovery, a family-friendly activity

Do you prefer fun activities for your visits? Then the FBI investigations are for you! Yes, you read FBI correctly, nothing less than that, the Force Béarnaise d'Investigation needs you! 5 investigations to be carried out in each of the bastides of the Pays de Nay, suspects identified, interrogations and alibis to be confirmed, open your eyes and find the person responsible for the thefts committed in the communes. 

Are police investigations not for you? Then if you prefer to discover the fauna, head for Ferrières, to the Baburet mines. It is here that two rallies, the small and the big shoes, are accessible to families. This easy mountain circuit is marked out with information panels, which you will have to read carefully to answer the quiz questions. 

For those who like to observe, search and orientate themselves, the following two activities should appeal to you.

Maps in hand, the orientation course allows you to discover the Pyrenean landscapes and to develop your sense of direction and observation.

In Lestelle-Bétharram, it is on the edge of the Gave de Pau and near the sanctuaries of Bétharram that the starting point of the orientation course awaits you. 4 circuits are proposed to you making this activity accessible to the beginners and to the most experienced. You will have to keep your eyes open to find the markers and punch your booklet attesting to your findings.

Our 'secret gardens' are revealed

The garden, vegetable garden and orchard are all in one place at the CLAB in Assat. This is the name of the Conservatoire des Légumes Anciens du Béarn. It is here that the association invites you to discover more than 500 species spread over 6500m2: flowers, vegetables, ceramics, aromatic plants, dye plants... All year round the members of the association organise workshops and educational activities to raise public awareness of environmental conservation.

Life in roses

For its unlimited varieties, its flamboyant colours, its soft and sweet smell, its voluptuousness, its floral taste... the rose has always been considered the queen of flowers. To discover all its aspects, head for Saint-Vincent and the Chemin Henri IV to visit the rose garden La Roseriae de Saint-Vincent. Here the flower is celebrated on the nursery side, the tea room side and of course the garden side. To find out all about this beautiful flower, there are sensory information booths in the rose garden for the enjoyment of young and old.

In short, the Pays de Nay is an experience to be had: you too can live the Instant, feel the Pyrenees Break!

So discover our accommodation and book your next holiday now.

Adishatz !