Walks accessible to all.

Here, we thought of the legitimate need to enjoy this beautiful nature together. Whether you have a stroller to walk, the tallest one who insisted on taking his scooter or rollerblades ; or if you are in a wheelchair simply wanting to soak up the sun without doing the obstacle course, no problem with the Balades à Roulettes® in Pays de Nay !

100% accessible walks for everyone
In the Pays de Nay, 3 wheeled rides have been set up, allowing you to stroll along the banks of the Gave and enjoy the scenery: one starting from Nay and going as far as the pretty Baudreix lake (BR®43 which can be completed with the BR®3 which goes around the lake), the other still starting from Nay but following the Gave de Pau to the south (BR® 44). Enough to make nice little walks all together.

These are walks adapted for :

people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs),
people who have difficulty moving around on uneven terrain,
parents with prams,
children with a tricycle, a scooter, a small bicycle.
Information sheets to download from the website of the Comité Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre des Pyrénées-Atlantiques (CDRP64), heading "TopoGuides® > Les ballades à roulette®" :

The locations of these walks have been selected according to technical criteria so that they can be adapted to everyone but not only: short circuits ranging from 500m to 4km, on wide paths with no noticeable difference in height, with a good surface and free of any road traffic.

These different routes have a pleasant aspect: presence of a lake or river, fishing area, children's games, interesting flora and fauna, swimming, nearby village, rich heritage... You will also find benches along these walks to allow you to take short breaks or simply to enjoy the view.