All your tours in your pocket


With the free Cirkwi application, you no longer need a card! Your smartphone will be your guide. Discover 5 reasons why it's worth making a little room in your phone.

1) Cirkwi is not only a free tool, but above all a national one! With phone memories almost full, it avoids the question of having to load a local application during holidays and then having to delete it. With Cirkwi, you have the circuits of almost everywhere in France but also a part of northern Spain in your pocket.

2) It's an application, and an application implies that you can access its content even without the internet! When you want to go rock climbing in the mountains, it's worth mentioning.

3) Isn't a phone screen a bit small to explore a large area? Never mind, you can always do your scouting upstream of your nature outings on your computer screen. Indeed, Cirkwi can be consulted on your largest screens, PC, Mac or tablets.

4) What you like is mountain biking, not walking. Cirkwi gives you the choice of the type of circuits you wish to discover: road bike, mountain bike, ... you are spoilt for choice!

5) A complete discovery of the surrounding sites. Synchronised with local tourist databases, the application also allows you to discover the monuments, sites and events located near your route.

And since nothing beats experimenting, all you have to do is discover the Cirkwi application's website before downloading it to your Google Play account or App Store on your smartphone.