Fishing license distributors

Here, fishermen can indulge their passion on the Gave de Pau and its affluents, where the wide variety of fish species allows the practice of various techniques. To get the fishing license adapted to your needs, discover the local fishing card dealers from whom you can buy it.

The river Gave de Pau and its affluents are ideal places for adventures and fishing trips that always reserve new surprises. Experienced or novice fishermen, come and try all kinds of fishing techniques: toc, fly, tankara, lure. And there are plenty of species to choose from in its fish-bearing waters: roaches, dowels, carp, tench, pike and brightly coloured fario trout.

Several distributors in the Pays de Nay, including the community tourist office, sell the various fishing licences. Feel free to come and get your license from us !

And should you want to anticipate: use the fishing national website !
Be one step ahead and prepare your beautiful fishing trips for 2019 today. Thanks to the online service, fishing cards can be purchased directly from your home ! For a good gift idea or to make yoursel a treat, the online fishing card is easy: click, print and fish!

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