Let's find out while having fun!

Achille Milhoc, director of the F.B.I. (the Béarnaise Investment Force), is recruiting budding investigators to help him solve a theft case.

For the past few weeks, in every bastide in the Pays de Nay, emblematic objects have been stolen: a bell, a beret, a rosary, a pair of sandals and a roll of canvas.

To help Achille in his investigations, a notebook of investigations is available at the Tourist Office for 2€.

This book presents 5 surveys, one in each of the bastides. Each investigation presents an itinerary to be followed on foot, along which points of interest are mentioned and suspects have been questioned.

On the basis of their statements and the observations that the young recruits will be able to make on the spot, they will have to determine which suspects are lying. 

Once the 5 investigations have been completed, the name of the perpetrator will appear.

In order to discover this fun concept of discovering heritage with your family, we offer you the first investigation for free download!