Tourism in Bearn to the rhythm of the seasons!

Béarn can be visited in any season. At any time, it can be discovered. As the year goes by, it changes, revealing landscapes that are each more wonderful than the last. Depending on the time of year you visit Bearn, you will see the Pyrenees differently: green and hilly, with golden reflections, covered with a thick white coat, dotted with blooming flowers... This postcard landscape, whether you visit Bearn in spring, summer, autumn or winter, will leave you speechless. Standing in front of such a spectacle, you will enjoy this timeless interlude, already thinking about the next time you will come back to visit the Pyrenees. Which season will you choose to discover Bearn and its surroundings?

The perfect (spring) weather for tourism in Bearn

Spring has arrived and it is a time of upheaval with its 1001 shades of green, blue, pink, yellow... It gives a new radiance to nature which, until now, has been drowsy. It is a real revival. A revival of energy, warmth, life... animates the environment and the population. Béarn is no exception! Far from it! Tourism in Béarn at this time of year is conducive to wonder. 

Visits, walks, hikes... are multiplying to the delight of young and old! So get on your bike and pedal with your nose to the wind. If you prefer to take your time, think about hiking. Whether you love nature or old stones, Béarn welcomes you for an unforgettable experience! You can enjoy a walk in the heart of nature or in the picturesque Pyrenean villages. 

Tourism in Béarn does not stop here! Spring is also the perfect time to go and meet the local winegrowers. Béarn, as a wine-producing region, is the pride of all its inhabitants! So, if you're passing through, stop by a local winegrower to discover all the secrets of Jurançon (it's also a great gift idea for your loved ones, always in moderation of course).The perfect (spring) time to go sightseeing in Béarn.

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Tourism in Béarn puts on its summer dress

Spring gives way to summer, much to the delight of visitors who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Inviting you to travel, summer promises nature, sun and a change of scenery. The Pyrenees have put on their summer dress and tourism in Bearn has adapted to the hottest season of the year. If you are wondering what to do in Bearn at this time of year, let us give you some ideas! 

Without doubt the most unusual proposal, but oh so unmissable, the transhumance is an experience to be had at least once in your life! Every year, at the beginning of summer, the Bearn valleys of Aspe, Barétous, Ossau and Ouzom welcome the shepherds and their flocks to the high pastures. The summer ascent of the goats, sheep and lambs has a magical quality that will make you want to return to the Pays de Nay! 

On a completely different note, why not take a refreshing break? Even if there is neither sea nor ocean, Béarn has a large number of rivers, waterfalls, lakes... Young and old alike can enjoy water sports, such as rafting, canyoning or water jumping, but also a relaxing break sunning themselves on the rocks. Who said that the mountains were less fun in summer?

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Béarn in autumn colours

Sparkling with its flamboyant colours, autumn is dressed in its most beautiful golds to dazzle the majestic Pyrenees. Tourism in Béarn at this time of year promises a beautiful experience tinged with cinnabar, amaranth, fire red, burnt orange brown... A touch of nostalgia and a touch of poetry embrace the Béarn region, making it even warmer than usual. 

To make the most of these shades of ochre, we recommend that you go to the vineyards. Whether you are there to walk, to taste or to harvest, you will not be insensitive to the charms of the autumn coloured hillsides.  

Autumn is also the perfect season for cultural and historical visits. If you are not familiar with the Pyrenean heritage, this is the ideal time to perfect your G culture. Bastides, castles, heritage tours, museums, forges... Tourism in Béarn lives mainly through traditions, customs and ancestral know-how. Would you like to take a step back in history?

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In the heart of the Pyrenees in winter

The cold is becoming more fierce, more intense, more rigorous... Winter is coming, slowly settling in, with its intense temperatures, its icy lights, its short days. Winter is here with its thick white coat. It covers the once green plains, forests and mountains with its silky, shiny, cottony fabric. Luminous white, the landscapes seem unreal. And yet, you are in the Pays de Nay! 

There is something magical and intoxicating about tourism in Bearn at this time of year. It is an enchanted interlude where you can enjoy both winter sports activities and warm moments surrounded by your loved ones. It's the holidays! So after a ski or sled ride, a snowball fight or a snowmobile ride, gather around a table and enjoy this moment of conviviality. To accompany this reunion, we recommend warming up with one of the delicious regional specialities, such as garbure béarnaise. Comforting as can be! 

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, which season is best for you to visit Béarn?

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