The Baburet Mines Trail

Come and discover the Upper Ouzoum Valley, one of the 4 Pyrenean valleys of the Atlantic Pyrenees. Discover its preserved nature and its history through the Baburet mines trail. This family-oriented hike offers you multiple viewpoints over the village and the surrounding mountains.

A little bit of Pyrenean history... and a nice walk.

The iron mines of Baburet were in operation from the 16th century to 1866. This deposit had fed several forges in the Pays de Nay and the Ossau valley. But their closure in 1866 led to the closure of the mine.

It was to meet the needs of new factories established throughout France that the mines were reopened in 1930. The Baburet railway, 22 km long, linked the mine to the station of Coarraze-Nay, showing the very strong historical link between the economic activity of the Ouzoum Valley and the plain of Nay. The mine closed in 1962 and the railway line was dismantled. Today, only a portion of the historic train route has been recreated in the form of a greenway footbridge that can be crossed on foot, by bike or even on horseback: the Baburet footbridge linking Igon to Coarraze.

The discovery trail will take you past the four entrances to the galleries: the Royale, the Poudrière, the 620 and the 556. Their development also encourages the preservation of several species of bats. Throughout the walk and depending on the time of year, you will also be able to admire the seasonal flowers, the many species of wood, or even observe animal tracks.

And to make the most of it whether you are a couple, with friends or family, small notebooks will allow you to have an active discovery of this historic site full of discoveries.