Strolls, knowledge...playful version

Children's Special "FBI Investigations" are back!

The Tourist Office and the Community of Communes of the Pays de Nay offer an activity for children: a police investigation which takes the child on a discovery tour of the 5 bastides of the Pays de Nay (Assat, Bruges, Montaut, Nay and Lestelle-Bétharram).

The "Force Béarnaise d'Investigation" investigates ... with children!

Do you find it difficult to motivate children to discover heritage? We have what you need to make them ask for more: the investigations of the F.B.I., the very famous Force Béarnaise d'Investigation of course!

Equipped with an investigation notebook, the children (8-12 years old in the ideal case) will go back up the thread of the notes taken by the chief investigator Achille Milhoc and will finally unmask the culprits. A way of combining the discovery of the bastides, local heritage and tourist attractions with good times with the family.

These activities are to be carried out as a family: allow about 1 hour per investigation (5 investigations in total, on the bastides of Nay, Montaut, Lestelle-Bétharram, Assat and Bruges).

Their mission since they accept it: to help the Force Béarnaise d'Investigation (F.B.I) to solve the thefts committed: of berets (Nay), rope sandals (Bruges), bells (Assat), Béarnais linen (Lestelle-Bétharram) and rosaries (Montaut).

If they unmask the culprits, an official accreditation and the FBI gazette will be given to them at the Tourist Office!

Prices :
The investigation book + badge: €2.50 (€0.50 per additional badge). Available for sale at the Pays de Nay Tourist Office at the Maison Carrée de Nay.