Pays de Nay for ...

In group

Whether you are with friends or at family gatherings, it's sometimes hard to find something to keep your little tribe busy. In Pays de Nay, you will have a great range of activities to satisfy their expectations whether they are sporting, cultural or intergenerational. Here, share more than just activities, create emotional memories.

Activités de groupes dans les Pyrénées Atlantiques

Que faire en tribu?

The Pays de Nay offers a wide range of activities designed to meet the needs of your tribe: invigorating activities, discovering nature or history... You have all the choices!

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Restaurant pour les groupes près de Pau et de Lourdes

Où manger en tribu?

Conviviality is part of the French tradition, and the Pays de Nay is no exception. Nothing beats a large table to fully enjoy both the local terroir and moments of conviviality together. Find here the list of tables as good as your tribe's size!

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Séjours de groupe

Séjour en tribu

You've made the most complicated part gathering around your little tribe and findind the right place to stay all together. But where to start when it comes to organizing outings and activities? The easiest way in the Pays de Nay is to choose one of our stays, well-designed for you.

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Hébergement de groupes dans les Pyrénées

Où dormir en tribu?

A family gathering is coming up? Or you just want to meet up with friends and need to find a nice base camp to stay in? In Pays de Nay, you will find several accommodations that can host your small tribe for a weekend or for a week.

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