Balade patrimoine dans les faubourgs ouvriers de Nay

This circuit through the town of Nay, between Bearn and Bigorre, will allow you to discover the urban growth of the fortified town beyond its walls, a growth linked to the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to an economic and manufacturing boom, the fortified town of Nay quickly expanded outside its outer wall perimeter. The growth of its suburbs arose from an influx of workers and the general increase in wealth (first came drapers, associated with wool and linen production, then makers of furniture and cowbells). Finally, large factories were constructed, contributing to the expansion of the town. A large part of this circuit follows the riverside, making it a perfect walk on hot days. Realising how fast the Gave de Pau flows through the town gives a better understanding of where our ancestors got the power to enable this industrialization.


Course for : Family – All publics

Type of itinerary : Loop

Departure : NAY

Arrival : NAY

Further information

Travel time : 2h (on foot)

Difficulty : Very easy

Distance : 4 km

Elevation : 45 m

Warning : Careful when crossing roads
Useful tips Emergency number: 112 Protect yourself Protect nature Respect the mountain Basque and béarnais mountains are pasturelands. Try not to take your dog. In all circumstances, keep it on a leash. Thank you!

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Pet accepted : Yes

Disabled access facility : No

Getting here From the town hall of Nay, go towards the bridge by the right sidewalk, cross the street Notre-Dame and continue on the right side of the square. Turn right before the bridge. Walk along the public garden, the community tourism office is at the end.