Bois de Bénéjacq

This pleasant walk in the wood is perfect for hot days when you are looking for shade and the cooling power of streams. A passage on the Henri IV path will give you a unique view of the Pyrenees before going back under the canopy. You will discover centenarian trees in these woods. We can say “old trees” only after several centuries. A hundred years old oak tree is only in the prime of life. The managers of the forest following the footsteps of their ancestors and know that they will only see a partial result of their own work. The trees planted today will benefit the next generations. The Cassou de la Crouts dets Hers and the big beech tree seen during the walk are in some way the wise old ones of the forest. Many others before us stopped beneath their branches. If they could talk, how many amazing stories could they tell?

Course for : Sportspeople

Type of itinerary : Loop

Departure : BENEJACQ

Arrival : BENEJACQ

Further information

Travel time : 4h (on foot)

Difficulty : Average

Distance : 12,5 km

Elevation : 367 m

Warning : Hunting cabins

Markup colors : Yellow

Hiking signposting : Panneaux jaunes

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Pet accepted : Yes

Getting here Starting from the place of the city hall of Nay, cross the bridge and take D936 in the direction of Bénéjacq. The staring point is located once you leave Bénéjacq, to the left at the level of a big picnic area (Place of Bacoue).