Le lac de Soum au départ du Col du Soulor

The start is at the Col du Soulor. Lake of Soum means “the lake of the summit”. This easy walk will lead you to a lovely small lake where the view is panoramic, rather like from the top of a summit. With such a big sky, the area is perfect for observing large birds. The Col du Soulor is an excellent place for bird watching. The great Pyrenean birds of prey such as the griffon vulture, bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture and golden eagle often glide here. The area is also remarkable for migratory birds. White and black storks as well as common cranes pass by every year from late summer and in spring. Black kite, red kite, European honey buzzard and the short-toed snake eagle are among the travellers. At the banks of the Lake of Soum you’ll see waterfowl, including the common moorhen, the water rail and the little grebe.

Course for : Family

Type of itinerary : Loop – Hiking Route (GR®)

Departure : ARBEOST

Arrival : ARBEOST

Further information

Travel time : 2h (on foot)

Difficulty : Easy

Distance : 5,6 km

Elevation : 320 m

Warning : Careful with dogs and flocks/herds - Do not try to touch the animals

Markup colors : White and red (GR®)

Hiking signposting : Marquage rouge-blanc et jaune


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Pet accepted : No

Getting here Starting from the city hall of Nay, cross the bridge and follow D 936 in the direction of Bénéjacq. In the traffic circle take D 938 in the direction of Lourdes on 1 km. In the crossroads take to the right D 937 in the direction of Lourdes. 3 km further to turn right on D35 in the direction of Asson and Louvie-Juzon. By entering Asson, after the bridge and the castle,turn left and follow D126 up to the Pass of Soulor.