Les quartiers d'Arbéost

Centred on the village of Arbéost in the Pays de Nay, this enjoyable hike between village, undergrowth, pasture lands and barns, offers a good overview of all the districts of Arbéost. The circuit goes through some historical paths. In Bigorre, a mountainous area, where a landholding could only support one family. Primogeniture was the law. The eldest child, boy or girl, inherited the land and the house. The younger children had to seek their fortune elsewhere. They often settled not too far away, along with other younger children, and created small communities. Arbéost was founded in this way in the 12th century by younger children from Arrens and Marsous, in the Val d’Azun. The village, comprising several districts, each with its own identity and activities, reflected those men and women who made a living as craftspeople, shepherds, miners or colliers.


Type of itinerary : Loop

Departure : ARBEOST

Arrival : ARBEOST

Further information

Travel time : 3h (on foot)

Difficulty : Average

Distance : 11 km

Elevation : 961 m

Warning : Careful, narrow path after the Clot de Ségudas. - Careful with flocks, keep dogs on a leash

Markup colors : Yellow and red (GRP®)

Hiking signposting : rouge entouré de deux traits jaunes


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Pet accepted : Yes

Disabled access facility : No

Getting here Starting from the city hall of Nay, cross the bridge and follow D 936 in the direction of Bénéjacq. In the round about take D 938 in the direction of Lourdes on 1 km. In the crossroads take to the right D 937 in the direction of Lourdes. 3 km farther to turn right on D35 in the direction of Asson and Louvie-Juzon. When entering Asson, after the bridge and the castle, turn left and follow D126 in the direction of Soulor until Arbéost