Le Pic de l'Estibète

This lovely hike with a sharp climb will delight mountain lovers keen on wild and empty spaces. Its steep slope can be a perfect circuit for those who like to race the clock on their mountain climbs. No matter how you reach it, the summit of l’Estibète, at the beginning of the Pyrenees, provides a gorgeous panorama. If you look up, you may see birds of prey in the Pyrenean sky. The bearded vulture, a scavenger with an orange stomach and black wings, has a wingspan of about 3m ( 9.84ft.). It is the biggest bird of prey in Europe. Its cousin, the more solid, brown griffon vulture follows closely behind it with a 2.80m ( 9.18ft.) wingspan. Smaller, the golden eagle differentiates itself by its hunter’s flight. Its wings of 2.10m ( 6.90ft.) wingspan are solid, dark brown and curved at the end. Immature eagles have white markings.

Course for : Sportspeople

Type of itinerary : Return

Departure : ARTHEZ-D'ASSON


Further information

Travel time : 8h (on foot)

Difficulty : Difficult

Distance : 11,7 km

Elevation : 1548 m

Warning : Narrow path on the slope of grassy hills. - Itinerary not recommended on rainy days and when there is fog - Mountain equipment essential - Steep summit - Don't try to reach the "tute de l'ours" from the summit.

Markup colors : Yellow

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Pet accepted : Yes

Getting here Starting from the city hall of Nay, cross the bridge and follow D936 in the direction of Bénéjacq. In the round about take D938 in the direction of Lourdes on 1 km. In the crossroads take to the right D937 in the direction of Lourdes. 3km further turn right on D35 in the direction of Asson. When entering Asson, after the bridge and the castle, turn left and follow D126 in the direction of Soulor. After the second halving of the road in the place called Herrère, come down again to the left.